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My Story

How I Began And Where I’m Headed

Like most people in western culture, I grew up consuming excessive dairy, meat, refined flours, white rice, etc. I often used to get colds, flu and headaches. in 2017 I was inspired by Dr Sebi and once I gained some knowledge around holistic health and how foods affect our health, I started experimenting and went on a 100% plant-based diet for 6 months and I felt great.


Unfortunately, I experienced what is called 'detox symptoms', where my body was trying to get rid of toxins from all those years of consuming excessive animal products, and since it wasn't effectively exiting my body, some of the toxins entered into my bloodstream causing me to get ill. I wasn't intentionally detoxing and had no idea why I was ill at the time, in fact, I didn't even know anything about detoxing!


I, later on, learnt about the importance of detoxing after years of consuming inflammatory causing foods and to avoid getting sick, in order to at least minimise those detox symptoms when healing & transitioning to a healthier diet. With this newly acquired knowledge, It all started to add up! I then figured out why I was sick that day and now I never get sick! I now believe we truly have the ability/responsibility to fully control our health!


With that experience, I now specialize in creating detox/cleansing programs, diet plans, delicious recipes, holistic health & lifestyle insights providing the necessary tools and resources to guide, support, and assist you in achieving your desired goals.


The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify your core mind, body and spirit challenges so that you can overcome them with confidence and ease. Only then, will you be able to fully embrace whom you are and start living a happier and healthier life.

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