3 - Day Detox Program
  • 3 - Day Detox Program

    The 3 Days Detox Program is for the more experienced; due to the mild-intensity water & herbal tea fast taking place in the first hours of the detox, for a deep liver & blood detoxification. 


    Fasting will give your organs a break from breaking down heavy foods, stimulating your liver to drive toxins out the body and also allowing autophagy/healing/revitalisation process to commence.

    This detox program is recommended to be done at least once or twice a year for longterm health benefits.

    (Advised to do the 1 - Day Detox Program a day before the 3 - Day Detox Program for optimum health benefits)



    • Blood Purification 
    • A healthier liver 
    • Increased blood flow 
    • Clearer skin 
    • Weight loss
    • Increased energy
    • Lowers inflammation 
    • Increased libido 
    • Mind clarity 
    • Spiritual enlightenment 


    Strict consumption of:

    • Spring or distilled water
    • Herbs, roots & spices
    • Freshly homemade fruit & veg juices 
    • Smoothies
    • Fresh whole fruits
    • Superfood powders 
    • Cleansing seeds 


    (Recipes included)To help flush out a great portion of waste from the body


    • No animal products 
    • No processed foods 
    • No cooked foods 
    • No sugar or sweeteners 
    • No nuts except for coconut


    *WARNING* These detox guides are not advised for anyone pregnant, breastfeeding or on prescribed medication.

    You may experience mild detox symptoms depending on your level of toxicity, it's part of the holistic healing process. Any concerns consult your doctor & also message or email us. 



    I am not a medical professional and do not hold any health or medical qualifications. My teachings and recommendations are based off self-experience and research (currently studying naturopathy). It is advised for you to contact your doctor before trying anything different/new that may concern you.