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Sea Moss
  • Sea Moss

    Sea moss is a sea algea that contains a whopping 92 minerals out of 102 minerals our body is comprised of, making sea moss a superfood said to have medicinal properties due to its nourishing qualities benefiting the entire body.


    • Strengthens the bones and can relieve joint pain which is great for recovery
    • Aids in digestion by soothing the digestive tracks 
    • Great for the respiratory system due to its anti-inflammatory qualities 
    • Boosts the immune system, great for thyroid health which assists in hormonal balance, weight loss, or healthy weight gain depending on your goal. 
    • Increases libido (sexual health) & energy 
    • Amazing for your skin, hair, and nails. 
    • Add sea moss gel into your smoothies, juices, porridge, soups and you can also apply it externally as a face and hair mask.



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