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Sea Moss Gel

Sea Moss Gel

NBN’s Sea Moss is sourced from St Lucia, It is a sea algae said to have medicinal & nurishing qualities due to the high mineral content.  


It's great for the skin, hair, bones, joints, digestive, respiratory & immune system, boosts energy levels, can help with weight loss & can treat and protect the body from radiation poisoning.



let it defrost if frozen and stir before use.


1. Consume/Add 1 to 2 tbs up to twice a day to smoothies, fresh juices, porridge, soups and is also great in bakery as a binder (egg substitute)


2. Use as a face and hair mask to boost collagen


3. Keep refrigerated & consume within 2-3 weeks


Ingredients: Sea Moss (eucheuma cottonii), Spring water, fresh lemon juice



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